About Us

Who We Are


Boys to Men Johannesburg is a community of men and teenage boys who inspire each other to stretch themselves towards maturity and wisdom.


It takes courage to speak about what mature manhood means to us, in today’s world: to speak our personal truths, to witness each other being open, to speak authentically about our fears and deeper joys.


Our boys experience healing, receive mentorship and grow in their leadership potential and self-awareness.


Our mentors discover a passion for serving in this meaningful way, while supporting each other in their personal development.


Our work powerfully resists the trends of mob-thinking such as bullying and violence well-known in teenage life. 



Boys to Men trainings are cutting-edge educational experiences in emotional intelligence.


As a result of our work, men and boys come to experience a culture of respect, compassion and openness among men that is tragically rare in our society. 

What We Offer


  • Rite of Passage Adventure (ROPA) - a rite of passage for boys aged 13 to 18.

  • Facilitator Skills Trainings - a set of staff trainings to prepare our staff in the skills and emotional readiness to work with boys with maturity.

  • J-Group meetings - a space for boys and men to deepen their own journey. 

  • Honeyguide Weekend - for 10-13 year olds.

  • Teenage Girls / Co-Gender Weekend.

Boys to Men is a global network of non-profit mentoring communities that invite men and boys to support each other to express themselves authentically and to act with integrity.


We are ordinary men from all walks of life, from all ages, careers and economic classes, endeavouring to be role models for the next generation 


  • An important dimension in our work includes our boys joining us as junior staff so that they gradually grow in their leadership skills. They take on meaningful tasks in our trainings, including co-facilitating other boys on the same journey they have experienced.

  • As our participants’ skills develop (boys and men), they are granted increasing responsibility and more skilful tasks.

  • We have no fixed dogma, no religious orientation, no international hierarchy. We are not against any religion and emphasise multicultural awareness and diversity as a core value.

  • There is on-going refinement of our methods and we encourage, and require, localised uniqueness in the way each of our mentoring communities operate.

  • Nothing is more important to us than the physical and emotional safety of our boys.